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Darkeden Nostalgic new idea

Darkeden Nostalgic new idea

We at Darkeden Nostalgic work hard to bring everyone the best in game experience possible, this new journey will bring something different.

We reduced the maximum moju from the liliths to moju +9 and removed the hps for better balancing.

We removed all rare skills 161+ and kept all pre jc;

Magic Shield 1

Magic shield 2

Eagle`s Eye 1

Eagle`s Eye 2

Freeze Ring 1

Freeze Ring 2

Bat Storm 1

Bat Storm 2

Curse Of Blood 1

Curse Of Blood 2

Blood drain 2

Bloody Shout 1

Bloody Shout 2

Bloody wings

Mist Of Soul 1

Mist Of Soul 2

Energy burst

Magma Detonation 1

Magma Detonation 2

Squally Barrier 1

Squally Barrier 2

All old features have been retained;

- PVP Arena

- Sard room 1 and 2

- No forge restrictions

- System to add a 3rd option to blessed items (251+)

System for Farming Market Points;

- Beads exchange

- Gem stones

- Gold Medals

- Gold Bars

- Oniblas Spine

- Lycan symbol

- Lycan Relic

- Gentis Mark

There is also a market zone where you can shop;

- Pet gift box (anything pet-related, including rare pets)

- Random box (articles box, Pets, Ancient gem box, etc)

- Gold Bars (convert game money to Market Points 50kk = 20MP)

 Did you get a rare pet but didn't like his skin? Just use the skin exchange system, all options from 1 pet is transferred to the other, so you can have the pet you like the most.

We are still working to add more features soon, any questions, suggestions or criticisms send us on the facebook page.